Coffee and Collaboration

Coffee & Collaboration

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Join us for the November Coffee and Collaboration on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 10 a.m. CT! This session is titled “From Home to the Homepage (and the Front Page)” Joelle Orem of Farm Journal’s Trust in Food, Kevin Schulz of The Farmer (Farm Progress), and Anne Kimmey of Cultivate Agency open up about working from home and lessons they’ve learned over the years.

This free monthly webinar is moderated by Jennifer Shike and Angie Stump Denton. No registration necessary! It’s open to members and non-members.

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Watch past Coffee & Collaboration webinars

Telling Hard Stories That Need to Be Told

This session was moderated by Lisa Moser featuring guest speaker Maddison Caldwell and Jennifer Shike of Farm Journal’s PORK.

Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Mailing: A Primer on Postage

Tim Steinbeck, Modern Litho Account Executive, discuss the uses and estimated delivery times of the main classes of postage.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Tips and Tricks to Save Time When Designing

Katy Holdener, Biozyme, Inc. Graphic Designer, shares Tips and Tricks to Save Time When Designing.

Sharing, Caring and Sparing Your Audience

Craig Heimbuch, Farm Journal Chief Creative Officer, leads this month’s discussion: Sharing, Caring and Sparing Your Audience: Shared Stories and Creating Signal in a Noisy Social World.

Drawing Readers In: Ideas to Keep Regular Topics Fresh

Kasey Brown, Filament Content Marketing Specialist, and Lindsay Sankey, Farm Wife, Mother & Writer, share tips of how to keep regular topics fresh.

The Value of Brand Presence During Challenging Times

A panel featuring: Tracey Erickson, Senior Executive Vice President, Marketing, Certified Angus Beef Sal Gomez, National Accounts Manager, Progressive Publishing Nicole Starr, National Accounts Manager, Farm Journal Kathy LaScala, Corporate Sales Manager, Angus Media

5 Do’s + 5 Don’ts of Drone-ography

Shelby Chesnut, owner of CF AgriFilm – Agricultural Lifestyle Photo + Videographer discusses the 5 Do’s + 5 Don’ts of Drone-ography.

Make Space for Yourself, Not Just the Story

Athena Diesch-Chham, a social worker and owner of Restorative Path Counseling and Wellbeing, talked about stress and how to balance your emotional health with ever-pressing deadlines.

Staying Engaged and Motivated in Your Position

Ben Richey, U.S. Animal Health Association, and Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist, discuss how they stay engaged and motivated in their current positions despite already being at the top of the ladder.

UTM Codes and Social Media

Do you work in digital or are you interested in learning more about that piece of livestock media? If so, be sure to check out this recording of the September LPC Coffee and Collaboration! Dr. Ruth Inman, Agorapulse , discussed UTM codes and social media.

How to Open Up Shy Sources

Communicators sometimes encounter sources who may be shy, or reluctant to speak. This webinar introduces some techniques that can help you get those fence posts to talk back and tell you their life stories. The speakers are Ann Marie Ames, Filament; Jennifer Latzke, Kansas Farmer – Farm Progress; and J. Adam Calaway, Noble Research Institute.

An AMS 2022 Preview

Coffee and Collaboration hosts, Jennifer Shike and Angie Denton, will visit with AMS Program Chair, Shelia Grobosky, and LPC Executive Director/AMS Co-Manager, Lindsay Runft, about the 2022 Ag Media Summit.

Ask the Experts: Design Do's and Don'ts

Jaime Albers, Angus Journal, and Lori Hays, Farm Journal, discuss how to improve design work. Listen to these two award-winning designers in an “Ask the Experts” webinar on all the design “dos and don’ts.”

Tight on Money? Producing Ag Media on a Budget

Video is one of the most versatile forms of media, from creative storytelling to news releases, utilized in ag communications today. Levy Randolph, Paradigm Productions & AgriCapture, shares information on how to create excellent video content on a small budget.

TikTok: Is it time to include it in your social strategy?

Wondering if TikTok should be part of your social strategy? JD Rosman, Oklahoma Youth Expo and Cattlemen’s Congress, and Troy Goretska, Goretska Livestock, share how they’re using the platform.

Sparking Creativity: How to Write Headlines that Capture Readers and SEO

Taylor Leach, Digital Content Producer for Dairy Herd Management, and Holly Clanahan, Managing Editor for the American Quarter Horse Journal, will speak on Sparking Creativity: How to write headlines that capture readers and SEO.

Understanding Action Photography through Sports

From the t-ball field to the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship game, Dr. Lindsay Kennedy and Norvelle Kennedy will discuss the techniques of shooting different sporting events ranging in all levels of competition. 

Freelance Roles Reimagined

Hear from Farm Journal Marketing Director Susan Rhode on how Farm Journal uses freelancers as contract workers to fill out communications and content teams on a budget and Freelancer Rachel Robinson on being an extension of a full-time marketing communications team as a freelancer. 

Podcasting: Get Past the 7-episode Quit Mark

Glenn Hebert, Horse Radio Network, and Dale Hummel, Beyond the Ring, share a variety of podcasting tips and tricks, including what draws in listeners and keeps them interested. 

Utilizing Influencer Marketing in Agriculture

Hayley Keck with Biozyme, Inc. gives all the details on working with influencers in agriculture.

Put your Task List on a Diet

In this webinar, Marlene Eick walks through the the challenges that often get in the way of delegation and a framework to help you move quickly to a manageable workload. 

Insta-Pop: Standing Out Online

Speakers Luke Bolin, Sullivan Supply Inc. and Sullivan Farms; Nathan Day, Sunglo Feeds; and Lisa Reid, The Showtimes, Inc. discuss digital media.

Beggars Can't be Choosers

Lindsay Keller and Chris Bennett give tips for completing interviews from a remote location.

Five Reasons to Use InCopy

Grant Company’s Heather Heater and Jena McRell explain how InDesign’s InCopy has improved print production for their team.

Making the Most of Virtual Marketing

Kylee Deniz from the National Pork Board and Jenn Norrie from Alltech discuss their recent experiences with virtual marketing.

Standout on Social Media

Trans Ova Genetics’ Sara Kober and Novel Designs’ Steva Reppe share their tips on social media design and marketing.

Selling In A Virtual World

Cattle industry marketing gurus Brett Spader and Jason Barber share their tips on selling and customer service following COVID-19.

Pro Photo Tips: From the Farm to the Show Ring

Livestock photographers Linde Sutherly of Linde’s Livestock Photos, New Carlisle, Ohio; Megan Blankenship of Next Level Images, West Burlington, New York; and Pearl Walthall of Pearl’s Pics Photography, Windsor, Missouri, discuss how to get the best photos on the farm and at a livestock show.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know - Interview Tips and Strategies to Help You Uncover the Real Story

LPC members Jennifer Carrico and JoAnn Pipkin share their tips and tricks for interviewing.

Working From Home: Is it All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

LPC members Maggie Malson and Chel Terrell who have mastered working from home share their tips and tricks to be successful when working out of the office.

Award-Winning Insights and LPC Contest Changes.

Get the skinny on brand new categories, rule changes and insider tips on how to select the perfect projects for award-winning submissions. Executive Director Lindsay Graber Runft and LPC Board Member Nicole Erceg cover everything you need to know on exciting changes to the LPC Awards Contest and how to make additions to your trophy case. Don’t wait until the contest deadline to prepare, watch this Coffee & Collaboration to make your award submission process a breeze.

Hacking Your Day the PM Way?

Under constant pressure to do more with less? This edition of #LPCcoffee featured Jed Willard, Project Manager at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), who shared insight from the project management world, tools, and techniques to maximize your daily productivity.

Can you get their attention?

Long-time Oklahoma State University professor and adviser Shelly Sitton discusses ways to communicate with the younger generation of communications professionals.

Advocacy: Work Worth Doing

Brandi Buzzard Frobose, Red Angus Association of America Director of Communications, shared her story on how she stands up for agriculture and give us tips on how we can reach beyond our subscribers.

How to Create Scary Good Video

Portia Stewart, Farm Journal’s Content Strategy Director for Producer Media, shares 10 tips to take scary good video on the fly, including recommended equipment and editing strategies.

Magazine Makeover

Tips from this year’s James Flanagan and General Excellence Award Winners, Shauna Hermel and Julie Mais from Angus Media, who shared their experiences redesigning the Angus Beef Bulletin and Angus Journal.

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics – The Art of Writing with Numbers

Lance Zimmerman, CattleFax Manager – Research, Analysis and Data, shares tips and tricks on how to efficiently and effectively explain market data to your readers.

Check-in to Champion Slap

Angus’ Julie Mais, Rachel Robinson and Katy Holdener share their experiences on how to efficiently and effectively cover youth shows.

Integrity: How do you bring editorial and sales together without crossing the line?

Farm Journal’s Mike Opperman & Leah Mindemann share insight on how sales people and editors can work together without sacrificing editorial or brand integrity.

Building a Sustainability Platform for the Long Run

Charleston|Orwig’s Lyle Orwig & Marcy Tessmann share why the livestock industry needs to develop a sustainability platform to remain viable in today’s world.

Solving the Challenges of Goal Setting

Public relations professionals Shelia Grobosky and Kenna Rathai share how to set goals and how they keep themselves accountable on their way to reaching them.

Get Fresh! Put new life into old topics

Seasoned editor and writer JoAnn Alumbaugh shares tips on how to keep our writing “fresh.”
JoAnn Alumbaugh

Measuring What Matters

Dr. Lauri M. Baker is an associate professor in agricultural communications at Kansas State University and is co-creator of the Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement, shares tips and tricks on measuring social media statistics and success.

Absorb the Scene to Deliver an Immersive Story

Award winning writer Martha Mintz shares tips and tricks for telling a tale that really grabs a reader.

Achieving Sale Success: Tips & Traps to Consider

Kathy LaScala, Angus Media Corporate Sales Manager, and Mike Chumley, Mid-Continent Livestock Supplements General Manager, share tips for achieving sale success.

See It. Feel It. Shoot It.

LPC award-winning photographer Erin Worrell shares some big impact tips from a “part-time photographer” during Coffee & Collaboration.

Ag Communications Redefined

Writing. Editing. Speaking. Managing. Monitoring. Developing. The daily grind of an ag communicator is never the same. Find out what Scarlett Hagins and Carey Brown have to say about the myriad of media platforms available today and how they balance and prioritize it all.

Social Media ROI

Lindsay Graber Runft and Katie Allen discuss the tangible and intangible benefits of using social media, primarily Facebook, to communicate news and marketing information to specified audiences.

Romancing the Storyline

Put the passion back into your writing! Steve Werblow, freelancer, shares tips for how you can approach the same old story idea from a new angle.

When Crisis Hits:

What role can media play in the successful mitigation of a crisis? Find out what our experts Cindy Cunningham, National Pork Board, and Daren Williams, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, have to say from their experiences in the trenches of an ag crisis.

Systems Make Us Better:

Learn how to cut out the clutter and distraction while you’re working with BioZyme Inc’s Kristi Stevens and Beth Gaines of the Kansas FFA Foundation!    

Dealing with Difficult People:

Holly Martin and Cliff Becker share tips on how to deal with difficult people during LPC’s Coffee & Collaboration.

Cutlines, Headlines & Deadlines:

Discover how to write great cutlines and headlines under tight deadlines. You’ll get two perspectives for the price of one (or FREE in this case), as we have an editor and a freelancer giving their take on the subject.

Social Media Ideas That Worked for Us:

Want to take your social media efforts to the next level? Looking for new ideas and approaches to your social media plans? Learn new tips and tricks from Jeff Hoffelt, Filament Marketing; Robin Kleine, Focus Marketing Group; and Jodi Oleen, Kansas Pork Association.

From Pasture to Print: Making the Sale & Getting the Information In

Discover tips for making ad sales, and then getting the ad information in to the magazine quickly and smoothly!

Blank Screen: It’s in the Small Details

Brad Alig of Filament Marketing; Gail Lombardino of Homestead Graphics; and Art Vasquez of the American Paint Horse Association team up to discuss inspiration ideas for graphic designers.

Let’s Get Technical!

Nomenclature, scientific terms, etc., are all colliding today in how we talk to different audiences and it starts to get confusing to those of us doing the communicating and even those who are judging what we are doing. Find out what Mike King, National Pork Board, and Pam Smith, DTN/Progressive Farmer have to say!

Don’t Let Design Get You Down

Nicole Erceg chats about how you can design professional and eye-catching social media graphics on Canva (even if you aren’t a designer).

From the Picture Pen to the Backdrop

No one ever said livestock photography was easy. Oh, but the joy of capturing that perfect shot! Join us as Katina Costerisan, Brad Hook, and Heidi Anderson share their award-winning photography tips. Learn how they compensate for action, exposure, weather, and more.

Get the Story: A How To

Holly Spangler shares her tips on investigative reporting and how she gets to the heart of the story.