Forrest Bassford Award

Forrest Bassford Student Award

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Applications due February 15, 2023

The student winner receives an all-expenses-paid trip to participate in LPC’s annual convention and now the Ag Media Summit. This award recognizes and rewards excellence, leadership and encourages professionalism among students. This opportunity provides the recipient face-to-face exchanges with leaders in livestock publishing.

Forrest Bassford’s name was appended to the LPC Student Award in 1992 in honor of his contribution to LPC, and his particular interest in furthering the Student Award.

The overall winner receives a $2,000 scholarship and up to four additional students each receive $750 travel scholarships to attend the convention. Following are recipients of the Forrest Bassford Student Award.

Sponsored by Alltech

Jenn Norrie, Alltech, pictured with Forrest Bassford finalists.

Carlye Winfrey
Texas Tech University

Lydia Johnson
Iowa State University

Sadie Vander Wal
South Dakota State University

Katelyn Harbert
Kansas State University

Jessica Wesson
University of Arkansas

Madison Schafer-Hokanson
South Dakota State University

Topanga McBride
Kansas State University

Nora Faris
University of Missouri

Nicole Lane
Kansas State University

Logan Britton
Kansas State University

Keri Weis
University of Missouri

Ellen Reeder
University of Illinois

2011 - Jill Johnson, University of Illinois

2010 - Lisa Brown, Oklahoma State Univ.

2009 - Whitney Wallace, University of Missouri

2008 - Lindsay Domer, Kansas State University

2007 - Katie Allen, University of Missouri

2006 - Ginger Larson, University of Florida

2005 - Annie Whitehill, Kansas State University

2004 - Teresa Oe, N. Dakota State University

2003 - Lance Zimmerman, Kansas State University

2002 - Sharlene Swaim, Cal Poly State University

2001 - Corrine Blender, Kansas State University

2000 - Rhonda Nida, Kansas State University

Audie Rackley
, Amarillo, Texas. Executive editor of the Quarter Horse Journal and Quarter Racing Journal at the time of his retirement in 1995. Serving longer than any previous editor of the Quarter Horse Journal, he joined the American Quarter Horse Association in 1970 as advertising director. During Rackley’s tenure the Journal became one of the largest equine breed magazines in the country. Quarter Racing Journal, EXTRA, Show Results and Race Results were begun while he was editor.

1999 - Jennifer Hotchkiss, Kansas State University

1998 - Colleen Walsh, Cal Poly State University

1997 - Brad Parker, Kansas State University

1996 - Jane Taft, Purdue

1995 - Angie Stump, Kansas State University

1994 - Erin Pettigrew, South Dakota State University

1993 - Jennifer Searcy, Ohio State University

1992 - Doyce Elliott, Texas A&M University

1991 - Alice Sherman, Washington State University

1990 - Claudine Cole, University of Illinois

1989 - Julie Hines, Ohio State University

1988 - Lora Duxbury, South Dakota State University

1987 - Anita Geddes, University of Missouri

1986 - Lea Weinheimer, Texas Tech University

1985 - Kelly Meyer, Kansas State University

Travel Scholarship Winners

2019: Natalie Ayers, University of Missouri-Columbia; Sadie Lackey, University of Georgia; and Grace Vehige, University of Arkansas

2018: Alexa Nordwald, University of Missouri; Sarah Moyer, Kansas State University; Kiera Leddy, Oklahoma State University

2017: Katie Friedrichs, Oklahoma State University; Taylor Belle Matheny, Kansas State University; and Jill Seiler, Kansas State University.

2016: Audrey Green, Kansas State University; Chamonix Mejia, Texas Tech University and Tim Taylor, Oklahoma State University

2015: Kendall Herren, University of Illinois; Jamie Keyes, Utah State University; Kaitlin Morgan, Kansas State University

2014: Breanne Brammer, University of Missouri; Courtney Leeper, University of Missouri; Lynsey Meharg, Texas Tech University

2013: Reba Underwood, West Texas A&M; Claire Carlson, Kansas State University and Logan Britton, Kansas State University

2012: Mollie Lastovica, Texas A&M University; Robin Kleine, Kansas State University; Faith Jurek, Texas Tech University

2011: Andrew Barth, Oklahoma State; Janell Baum, University of Illinois; and Shannon Watson, Oklahoma State

2010: Kristen Odom, Texas Tech University; Kelsey Fletcher, Texas Tech University; Nicole Ely, Kansas State University

2009: Rachel Duff, University of Missouri; Julie White, Kansas State University; and Katherine Kuykendall, Purdue University

2008: Sarah Jackson, University of Missouri-Columbia; Emily Whitmoyer, Texas A&M; and Julie White, Kansas State

2007: Stephanie Miles, Texas Tech; Clint Blaes, Kansas State, and Melissa Leander, Kansas State

2006: Sara Muri,University of Missouri-Columbia; Melissa Hildebrand, Kansas State; Heather Jennings, Texas A&M

2005: Sara Muri, University of Missouri-Columbia; Stephanie Jeter, Texas A&M; Wendy Mayo, Kansas State

2004: Leslie Shuler, University of Wisconsin-River Falls; Katrina Waters, Texas Tech

2003: Rachel Bobbitt, Oklahoma State; Garrett Wilkerson, Texas A&M; Audrey Young, Kansas State

2002: Shannon Hartenstein, Kansas State; Lucas Shivers, Kansas State; Melissa Karcher, Ohio State

2001: Kerri Howell, Texas Tech; Maggie Martin, Kansas State; Beverly Moseley, University of Florida

2000: Jennifer Ryan, Kansas State; Lindsay Williams, Oklahoma State

1999: Sarah Domeier, University of Nebraska; D. Mischelle Coston, University of Arkansas; Jennifer Simonson, Oklahoma State

1998: Linda Albers, Kansas State; Diane Dinse, University of Missouri; Rebecca Rhoades, University of Missouri

1997: Janna Quaring, Oklahoma State; Wendy Meyer, Hastings College (Neb.) Melissa J. Markway, University of Missouri