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Livestock Publications Council

Student Internship Program

The Livestock Publications Council Student Internship Program is an initiative that provides opportunities for young communicators to explore agriculture communications and allows LPC members to teach and employ young talent.

Through the Student Internship Program, LPC offers funding to one selected member to provide a meaningful learning experience – where students gain knowledge and apply their skills while LPC members benefit from fresh, youthful perspectives. 

Host Guidelines:
LPC will provide one selected member (Publication or Service) with funds to employ an intern throughout the summer. Any member may apply to serve as a host in the internship program, with the following details:

•$ 2,000 stipend from LPC for 8 weeks to be paid to the intern.
• A three-judge panel consisting of representatives from LPC member organizations (not seeking an intern) will choose the winning applicant. Applications will be based on internship structure, student mentorship plans, breadth of experiences and publication/company need.

All LPC members are eligible to serve as hosts. Applications are due October 1 of the year preceding the internship, and are available at www.livestockpublications.com. Submit applications to Crystal Albers at alberscrystal@gmail.com or call 816-273-3001 with additional questions. The selected host organizations will be announced at Ag Media Summit, on the LPC website and Facebook page.

Student Guidelines:
Students may submit their applications to Crystal Albers, LPC Student Development Committee, at alberscrystal@gmail.com.
Students should submit their applications by December 1

Students should be college junior or senior and members of Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT). Applicants must submit the following:
• Resume
• Work examples (at least three samples of their choosing)
• Three listed references
• Statement of interest in agricultural communications

A three-judge panel, including one representative from the host publication/company, will interview student applicants. Once a winner is selected and the internship is complete, the student will be required to submit a report and internship work samples to the Student Development Committee.

Suggested Timeline:
The LPC Student Internship Program is designed for summer interns, with appropriate dates to be determined by the host organization and the student, and approved by the committee. The internship should last 60 days, starting once the student is on summer break.

Application Deadlines:
Host applications: October 1
Student applications: December 1