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Livestock Publications Council


1.  Most Improved Publication (James Flanagan Award)  
Submit a total of four issues: two different issues dated between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2016; one issue each from period January 1, 2015, to December 31, 2015; and January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014. 2014 and 2015 issues must be from same month as one of the 2016 issues. (For example, March 2016, 2015, and 2012 plus August 2016)


Categories 2-5 require two different issues from 2015 to be submitted/uploaded.
2.  Association Publication                                                                     
3.  Non-Association Publication                                                                            
4.  Newspaper                                                                                        
5.  Newsletter  (either print or electronic)                                                              
6. Website                              


Special Issue Division

7.  Special Issue — 100 pages or less                                                                     
8.  Special Issue — More than 100 pages                                                              
9.  Event/Show Program                                                                        
10.  National Show Coverage                                                                

Visuals Division

11.  Single Article Layout & Design                                                                      
12.  Cover (any color combination or BW), Association                                                       
13.  Cover (any color combination or BW), Non Association                                               
14.  Cover (any color combination or BW), Newspaper                                                       
15.  Published Editorial Photography (series or photo story – must include entire story)                      
16.  Single Photo OR Graphic Illustrating an Article (not part of a series or picture story; BW or 4 color (must include entire story) 

Writing Division

Association: Feature Articles

17.  Production/Management article                                                                       
18.  Marketing article                                                                             
19.  Technical article                                                                               
20.  Feature/Human Interest Story                                                                           
21.  Instructional Story                                                                           
22.  Producer/Farm/Ranch Profile                                                                          

Non-Association: Feature Articles

23.  Production/Management article                                                                       
24.  Marketing article                                                                             
25.  Technical article                                                                               
26.  Feature/Human Interest Story                                                                           
27.  Instructional Story                                                                             
28.  Producer/Farm/Ranch Profile                                                                          

Association and Non-Association Combined Categories

29.  News Story                                                                                     
30.  Editorial                                                                                           
31.  Regular Column (regular feature, same author, submit 3 columns per entry)                                  
32.  In-depth Reporting (single article)                                                                   
33.  In-depth Reporting (multiple article series)                                                     
34.  Commentary or Essay Article (not an editorial)                                                              
35.  Miscellaneous Writing (includes humor and entries that don’t qualify for above categories)                          

Design Division

36.  4-color, Full-page Ad for a Livestock Sale                                                       
37.  4-color, Full-page Ad for a Ranch or Farm                                                     
38.  4-color, Full-page Ad for a Livestock Supplier, Service, Assn.                                        
39.  4-color, Less-than-full-page Livestock Ad                                                      
40.  2-color or 3-color, Livestock-affiliated Ad, any size                                                       
41.  1-color, Livestock Ad, any size                                                                         
42.  Livestock Advertiser Campaign (3 or more insertions)                                                   
43.  Livestock Ad Headline (submit entire ad)                                                        
44.  Multiple Page Livestock Ad                                                                              
45.  Logo Design                     
46.  Brochures, Flyers and Direct-mail Pieces                                         
47.  Sale Catalogs Any color usage on cover, 4-color text pages                           
48.  Sale Catalogs Any color usage on cover, less than 4-color text pages
49.  Annual Reports                                                                 
50.  Miscellaneous Design (entries that don’t qualify for above categories)          

Web Division
51.  Publication Website                                                                         
52.  Association Website                                                                        
53.  Breeder Website                                                                              
54.  Livestock-affiliated Website  (include topic site, event site, etc.; must have been created in current year)
55. Social Media Marketing Campaign
E-Newsletter (must be at least quarterly)
56. E-Newsletter (daily/weekly)
57. E-Newsletter (monthly)
58. E-Newsletter (less than monthly, i.e. special event)

Blog Division
59. Single Blog Post (specify time and date)
60. Blog Series (specify times and dates)
61. Best Overall Blog Site (based on editorial, not site design)