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More Bang for your Editorial Buck


Maximizing content and telling the best story in all the right places can be a never-ending battle in the editorial world. Holly Spangler, Prairie Farmer editor, is here to help you figure out how to tell a story across different platforms. Join Holly on June 14 in Manhattan, Kansas, at the LPC Regional Workshop and learn how to get “More Bang for your Editorial Buck.” Holly will kick off the regional workshop at 9 a.m.

She will highlight ways to tell a story using several mediums: Print, online, blog, podcast and video. If on a daily basis you edit, write or produce content of any kind, then this is the place for you to learn and explore new ideas. The session will also help marketers and public relations professionals who pitch story ideas to content producers.

“We’ll sort through different ways to divide up a story and how to decide what should go where. We’ll also invite examples from the audience – bring your story topic and potential sources, and we’ll talk through a plan to execute that story,” Holly says.

Holly is no stranger to the world of agriculture or the world of news. She grew up on farm in southern Illinois, raising corn, soybeans and purebred Shorthorn cattle. Today she, her husband and three kids live in western Illinois where they farm with her husband’s parents, raising corn and soybeans, and operating a commercial cattle herd.

“I think growing up on a farm and being currently involved in producing food and fiber helps me to filter what our readers want and need to know, and when they need to know it,” Holly says.

It’s simple to see that Holly has the know-how, the expertise and the excitement to help you get “more bang for your editorial buck.”

Join LPC at the regional workshop and hear from Holly and many other agricultural professionals. If you are unable to attend Holly’s session, she will be happy to share her presentation. Please contact her at holly.spangler@penton.com.

-Jeralyn Novak, Communications Coordinator, Beefmaster Breeders United

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