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Livestock Publications Council

Mentor Guidelines

The Livestock Publications Council Mentor Program offers students and professionals the option to get involved in growing the future of the agricultural communications industry.

Should you choose, you can take your mentor experience to a more-formal level. Here are some hints to build a strong relationship with each other through a more-formal mentor experience.

Take initiative

Great things take planning, thought and commitment from the start.

Ask questions

Questions help make sure that each of you are a good “fit” for the mentor program. Maybe after a few questions you will find out that it wasn’t meant to be. If that is the case, talk about other people that might benefit from a relationship with this student or mentor.

Set goals

Each person will have specific goals after asking the right questions. Put them in writing. Maybe you could include a few of these goals:

Plan out a calendar of events

Mentor programs work best if everyone works on developing a calendar of events and sticks to it. The ideas are endless: