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Livestock Publications Council

Office Bombardment

Give us a call or drop an e-mail —
we’ll help you on your way any day!
For more information,
contact Christy Couch Lee at
765.463.3594 or christy@nationalswine.com.

The Livestock Publications Council (LPC) invites you to bombard LPC members’ offices during September — the LPC Office Bombardment Month.

During Office Bombardment Month, our professional journalists, designers, production specialists — agricultural communications gurus — will open their doors for student visitors. Contact one of our participating offices to set up a visit. You can swing by with a question or stay for the day.

A list of participants and locations will be provided to your ACT chapter.

Can’t bombard an office in September? No problem! LPC mentors are available 24 hours a day in the LPC Student Mentor Directory.